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Welcome to the Team Page of
Ferris' Funky Bunch

Ferris' Funky Bunch Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $5,000.00
Total Raised: $12,830.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 50
Members Recruited: 62

Our Ferris Man

We were blessed with our son, Ferris Patrick Martin, on January 5, 2009; and, he weighed just 6 lbs. 11oz. He was incredibly tiny and totally perfect in our eyes! We quickly educated ourselves on what it meant to have a child with Down Syndrome. Ferris was determined from the start, even rolling from his stomach to this back at 17 days old! He loves to read, dance, sing, climb, paint, give hugs and ride rollercoasters! Ferris will be 5 years old on his next birthday and we often wonder where the time has gone. Over the past 4 years he has learned to crawl, walk, talk, and swim. He started school on his 3rd birthday and has been on more vacations than most adults. On March 25, 2010, 15 months after his birth, we welcomed his sister, Finley. They are best friends and often people think they are twins!

Ferris’ verbal skills improve everyday and he knows and recognizes his own name as well as all the letters in the alphabet. He is also counting to 10 and memorizing his favorite songs. Music is a huge part of who Ferris is and thanks to the DSACF he was involved in Music Therapy before he started school.

We invite you to help us celebrate and support our son, Ferris, and the DSACF at his 5th Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk!

DSACF’s tax exempt ID #59-3124673

Corey, Julie, Ferris and Finley Martin

Team Members:
Total Raised$12,830.00  
General Team Donation$6,910.00  
Corey Martin$500.00  
   Jackie Ader$15.00  
   Lisa Ahrendt$20.00  
   Crystal Andras$40.00  
   Brad Bahring$10.00  
   conrad caples$25.00  
   Arthur Carter$5.00  
   Lisa Carter$10.00  
   Kylie Cusick$25.00  
   Sara Dlugolinski$5.00  
   Matt Dobrovolsky$1,125.00  
   Grace Echols$5.00  
   Stella Echols$5.00  
   teresa echols$55.00  
   Walter echols$5.00  
   Sarah Fehrenkamp$45.00  
   Ethan Forbes$200.00  
   Ethan Forbes$0.00  
   Lauren Forbes$5.00  
   Scott Forbes$5.00  
   Patricia Fortuna$25.00  
   Mindy Hamel$5.00  
   Lisa Holland$110.00  
   Glenn Kanamori$55.00  
   Patricia Kanamori$55.00  
   Susie Katz$10.00  
   Kevin Keegan$335.00  
   James Keeling$60.00  
   Marilyn Klonowski$200.00  
   Shelly Lewis$15.00  
   Adam Lindemer$5.00  
   bradford lindemer$5.00  
   Jennifer Lindemer$5.00  
   Megan Margadonna$15.00  
   Melissa Margadonna$25.00  
   Kim Mariner$275.00  
   Michael Marra$15.00  
   Anna Martin$1,335.00  
   Ferris Martin$250.00  
   Finley Martin$65.00  
   Julie Martin$30.00  
   Sherry Martin$50.00  
   Windle Martin$200.00  
   Travis McKee$5.00  
   Kevin Mooar$25.00  
   Jenn Pearson$45.00  
   Andy Pokrivnak$40.00  
   Skip Potter$145.00  
   Dennis Price$5.00  
   Jessica Richards$5.00  
   Camille Richoux$105.00  
   Brian Sunderly$45.00  
   Deni Sunderly$5.00  
   Samantha Sunderly$5.00  
   Aaron Thomas$5.00  
   Shaun Thompson$55.00  
   liz travis$55.00  
   scott travis$55.00  
   Kathy Werling$5.00  
   Katie Werling$15.00  
   Craig Williams$25.00  
   Mark Zabielinsky$25.00  

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